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About Hudson Terrace

Hudson Terrace - Fort Lee, NJ

Convenient & Affordable Living


Hudson Terrace is a cooperative with offices located at 2329-2339 Hudson Terrace, Fort Lee, New Jersey consists of 4.182 acres of land on which are located three five-story apartment buildings consisting of approximately 190,000 square feet of residential space which contain 224 residential apartments.

Purchasers of an apartment buy shares in the Cooperative Corporation which will own the land and apartment buildings.  

These purchasers of shares will be entailed to a special form of lease for one of 224 co-operative apartments and 19 garages, commonly known as a Proprietary  Lease.


One of the 224 apartments is reserved for use by the Superintendent.

The affairs of the Co-operative Corporation are conducted by a Board of Directors.


The B-Laws of the Co-operative Corporation govern to the operation of the Co-operative Corporation.

A purchaser will pay as an annual maintenance charge, a proportionate share of the Co-operative Corporation's cash requirements for the operation and maintenance of the Project and creation of such reserve for contingencies as the Board of Directors shall deem proper.

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